Enlisting vulnerable women and children: This will involve penetrating activities into these communities:
• Constitute an implementation Committee with various stakeholders
• Conduct Baseline survey and needs assessment
• Community Mapping / target identification /
• Advocacy visits to brothels and one-on-one engagements with gate-keepers and acquaintances (neighbors & friends) of victims

Enlighten them on the need to build their self-esteem and have a sense of self worth
• Community dialogue
• Seminars, workshops, Safe space sessions etc
• Outreaches
• Welfare & Material support including shelter because most FSW stay in brothels where they are expected to pay weekly rentals Engage them in mind renewing activities that will change the way they think and see the world
• Personal information gathering
• Mobilization
• Welfare & Material support
• Training

Equip them with the right skill set needed to start a business of their choice
• Esteem boosting: Self-care, behavioral change
• Team building, talks, trainings, workshops, capacity building and financial management
• Monitoring and Evaluation

Empower them with the resources needed to add value to themselves and the society
• Financial support
• Capacity building and skill acquisition
• Education
• Monitoring and Evaluation
• Small startup grants
• Setting up business hubs where vulnerable women can walk in and work to earn rather than depend on monthly or periodic supplies and care.