The MyJobGator Story

MyJobGator is a product of  Doma Educational Development Foundation, MyJobGator’s goal is to solve the fundamental employment challenge in the world which cuts across employer-employee quality and discovery. From internship coaching, career counselling, training to personalized job discovery, we are everything to the candidate. We made checking newspapers obsolete while going a step further to prepare candidates for the open jobs and workplace. MyJobGator is neither a “normal” job listing platform nor just another HR company, but a career company leveraging technology to solve human resources and education needs in the world; hence, increasing profitability from both personal and corporate perspectives.

Our Culture

Our Culture is love and excellence. We believe in loving the people we serve. We believe in solving problems out of love for humanity. Our passion is driven by the love we have for people and our projects. This is what keeps us going every morning. We cannot go wrong with excellence. Excellence in service delivery, user experience and content delivery are our selling points. Our daily task is just to get better.


To efficiently connect great candidates to great companies at all levels while constantly developing both ends of the marketplace in diverse functional areas.


To intelligently solve all career and human resource needs from end to end across sectors and platforms in Africa and the world at large.