Pristine Life Enhancement and Advancement Foundation

Pristine Life Enhancement and Advancement Foundation is a Non-profit organization is focused on giving vulnerable, abused, marginalized, displaced and disabled (street) women and children a voice in the society. We work with victims of child and gender based violence, giving health care including physical and mental health services, phsycho-social support, legal support and absolute care . As we work, we have also encountered minors who are victims of trafficking and have also been included as part of our target group.- We believe that an empowered woman can deliver a nation.

We see a world free of violence and vulnerable women and children, well empowered! Giving hope, love and justice.

We are committed to achieving complete soundness by healing wounds, bruises and purifying sores of vulnerable women and children by empowering them.

We have a passion to address societal challenges that inhibit the all-round wellness of the family and at the core of these challenges are issues affecting women and in effect the upbringing of children who embody the future of every family. Our intervention in vulnerable female groups has seen us delve deep into the following program areas:
• Females Who Sell Sex (FWSS)
• Widows / Single Mothers Support/Wives of prisoners
• Abused children
• Disabled and Displaced women and children
• Street children (hawkers & homeless)
• Orphans and vulnerable children(including children born in brothels)